Who We Are

About Our Company

PT. Grand Multi Chemicals is a local company specializing in distributing chemical and food ingredients. Established in 1976, GMC is now an industry leader with nationwide offices, working with a network of suppliers to ensure customers receive the best products.

The company was founded in 1976
We have over 100 employees
We have nationwide warehouses and offices
There are two divisions - Food and Chemical
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Our key parts

The Chemical and Food Division

We started in 1976 with as a provider of chemical substances and in 1999, branched out into food ingredients.

Division of Food Ingredients
The Food division forms the backbone of PT GMC with suppliers all over the world including US, Japan, Europe, India and China. We are also a regular participant of 'Food ingredients Asia’.
Division of Chemical Products
The Chemical division has been our core business since 1976 and offers chemical substances and raw materials across multiple sectors including Cosmetics, Water Treatment and Plastic.
Providing The Best Service

Why you can count on us

PT GMC strives for excellence in supply chain management and is committed to ensuring high-quality products are available to our customers all over Indonesia. We are strategic, reliable and efficient.

Strong Team

  • Dedicated team members that are highly qualified, experienced and has strong relationship with our customers.

Reliable Suppliers

  • Long-established and strong relationship with our major suppliers, such as Sensient, Butterfield, Diana Natural and Shiraishi.
  • International network of suppliers and business partners across Asia, Ameria, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Strong Market Position

  • We always identify our market position and analyze our competitor positioning.
  • Lastly, we determine our company’s uniqueness in order to be competitive in the market.

Strong Logistic Team

  • Dedicated fleets to ensure the products are delivered on time.
  • High standard food warehouse supported by our SCM team.
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Trusted & High Standard

Our Partners

We have a high-standard to select our partners in order to ensure our customers to get the best quality products.