Sukabumi Group

The Sukabumi Group was founded by Mr. Surya Sudirman and started out with the PT. Sukabumi Trading Coy Company in 1954. The company focused on trading dyestuff, oil and lubricants for car and motor vehicles.

Over the years, the company saw rapid growth and Sukabumi Group sought new opportunities to diversify its business. Thus, PT. Grand Multi Chemicals was established in 1976 selling high-quality chemical and food ingredients to companies in Indonesia.

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PT. Grand Multi Chemicals

Who we are

“Looking back at long, winding and difficult road, but it leads us to the brighter future”

PT. Grand Multi Chemicals is a local company and industry leader specializing in distributing chemical and food ingredients. Established in 1976 with as a provider of chemical substances and in 1999, branched out into food ingredients.

As business growth in 2009 a subsidiary company under the name of Aroma Creation established. The company is specialist in providing high-standard food ingredients and food seasoning.


Our Awesome Brands

Challenge, Grow, Expand

Our Milestone

We want to commemorate our challenging journey and it eventually shapes and leads us to be where we are right now.

1976: The Beginning

PT. Grand Multi Chemicals (GMC) was established. The company had warehouses and offices in the big cities of Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Medan.

1999: FID

We started our Food Division to focus on serving high-quality food ingredient products for our customers.

2002: The Partner

We have built relationships with our partners and suppliers around the world.

2009: Aroma Creation Specialist (ACS)

Established subsidiary company under the name of Aroma Creation Specialist which provides high-standard food ingredients and food seasoning.

2017: PT Grand Multi Chemicals ERP

Implemented ERP system to boost efficiency and productivity .