planning, executing and monitoring

Supply Chain Cycle

As one of the well-known industry leader, we recognize that Supply Chain a very important role to assure in supplying goods and generate the benefit for all the stakeholders.

We focus is taking care the customers’ demand in achieving their satisfaction by planning, executing, monitoring as well as evaluating the procurement.

In the end, the activity of supply chain is to build strategic partnership with all the stakeholders, such as suppliers, the government, third-party logistic and customers. We ensure to comply with the regulations and also implement good warehouse and delivery management systems.

Aligning supply and demand effectively

The Supply Chain Provider

One of the Supply Chain Management functions is aligning supply and demand effectively and efficiently.


Build strategic partnership to get the suppliers’ support in order to assure smooth goods supply, high-quality products and competitive price.


Build a relationship to get the best service at competitive rate and best lead time.


Comply with government regulation, building trust and maintaining good relationships.
Seven Key Steps of a Procurement Process

Procurement Process Flow

We utilize demand planning by reviewing stock regularly, calculating forecasts and lead time for procurement.
Our team's ability to forecast the procurement lead time, will help our customer on their order timing decision.
All shipments are regularly tracked to anticipated unexpected events that could disrupt shipment schedules.
In every purchase order, we will make sure it’s comply with our compliance policy and procedures.
All the necessary permits and documents will be prepared by our team in advance to avoid delays in origin and destination port.
Our regulator team with solid knowledge and experience on government regulation top priority is to make sure all orders comply with regulation and obtain the import license in lead time.
At GMC we are commited to ensure that all cargos are stored and transport to its destination safely and efficiently.
Customs clearance activities are performed by dedicated experts to get shortest clearance time and avoid unexpected issues.
experienced and knowledgeable professionals

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals that are passionate and dedicated to our clients.
To support the supply chain management, the team is divided into different divisions,  such as demand planner, purchasing, import, regulatory, warehouse, delivery, and customer service.